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September 9, 2014

SCCE 2014 Compliance and Ethics Institute

SCCE LogoNext week, from September 14-17, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) will hold its 13th annual Compliance and Ethics Institute in Chicago. For my money, it is the top event for compliance practitioners held each fall. This year is no different and Roy Snell and his team have put together a fabulous event for anyone even remotely interested in the field of compliance and ethics. I wanted to highlight some of the reasons why you should attend and some of the reasons why I am attending.

The individual sessions are arranged into learning tracks to help facilitate course selection. Each track is arranged around a specific area of interest, enabling the attendees to quickly find the sessions that match their educational needs. The learning tracks are designed so that someone can follow one learning track all the way through, or hop around between them. The learning tracks include the following:

 General Compliance/Hot Topics

Here you can cover everything from Compliance 101 to hot topics like detecting identity theft and privacy breaches. This track will keep you up to date on everything that is currently happening in the compliance and ethics environment as well as bring you back to the basics and keep you grounded. Learn what you need to know from compliance & ethics officers, regulators, outside and in-house counsel, auditors, providers and industry experts.


This learning track, developed by Risk Track Program Chai, Greg Triguba, is designed to provide insight into how to effectively manage the risks your company faces. In today’s business environment, risk and how to effectively manage it has become a top priority for most organizations. The specific sessions are focused on top compliance and ethics risks. There will be interactive sessions led by experts in the compliance, ethics, and risk management field. Participants in this track will take a deep dive into important risk areas and will learn strategies for effectively managing these risks.


This track allows you to immerse yourself in ethics. The SCCE believes, and I hardily agree, that there are few things more challenging or rewarding to manage than ethics issues. Moreover it is a topic upon which everyone has an opinion. The subtleties are great and they can make all the difference in the world. The sessions will cover the considerations that compliance and ethics professionals need to understand and manage effectively.

Case Studies

The Case Studies learning track is designed to present the facts detailing just what companies have actually done to effectively manage ethical challenges and will take you inside companies to show you how they have handled specific issues in real world situations.


For companies facing new and fast changing complexities, SCCE will present the International/Multinational learning track, which is chaired by Marjorie Doyle. This learning track will take a deep dive into the needs of the global compliance program and the topics that are creating the biggest challenges for global companies today.

Advanced Discussion Groups

There will also be the ever-popular Advanced Discussion Group. This learning track is designed for the more ‘Been there, done that?’ Join an advanced discussion group and share what you know. If you are an experienced compliance and ethics professional or are looking for a more interactive program, this provides you with the opportunity to gain greater insight and knowledge, as well as share back with others in our profession. Each Advanced Discussion Group session is designed to involve everyone in the room. There are no formal presentations, just discussion facilitated by industry experts.

Compliance Lawyer

Here we have a new offering for in-house and outside counsel practicing in any compliance related field. This learning track is designed to meet the specific needs of the legal community on the hot compliance topics for legal counsel. If you attend this learning track you will be rewarded with insights of value to your compliance practice and your clients.

But the SCCE National Compliance and Ethics Institute is much more than even these fabulous learning track sessions. One of the things that has always impressed me with the SCCE and this event is the way they use and treat vendors. The vendors are clearly viewed as a part of the overall compliance and ethics solution that we are all working towards, not as some sponsor who is simply there to peddle some wares in the farthest of the back rooms. So the vendors will be located in a large exhibit hall where they will be lined up for easy viewing and access.

Moreover, the exhibit hall doubles as the breakfast/coffee/refreshments/cocktail hour room. Each time there is a break and the conference delegates get together, you not only have the opportunity to visit with other compliance professional but view some of the newest, coolest and most useful products and services in the compliance space. Are vendors in business to make sales? That answer would be yes. But at the conference, they take up the mantle of education as much as any speaker and use the form to help educate compliance professionals on their offerings and how they can assist your company to move the ball forward in ethics and compliance.

On Sunday, September 14, SCCE is hosting two events, SpeedNetworking and SpeedMentoring, which you should consider. If you are looking to build out your network with like-minded ethics and compliance professionals, I would recommend you sign up for the SpeedNetworking session. It can be an enjoyable manner in which to connect with peers who share your challenges in a wide-range of compliance arenas.

If you are looking for a mentor in the compliance and ethics space, then the SpeedMentoring session is the place for potential mentors and mentees to be connected ‘face-to-face’. I would suggest that if you are a seasoned compliance professional and are willing to give back to the compliance profession by sharing your expertise, you should sign up to be a mentor.

Whichever option you choose you are in control of the people you connect with and are provided with an excellent opportunity to learn from others and grow long-lasting professional relationships. I hope that you will join my in Chicago next week. It looks to be a great event.

Information on the SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute can be found be clicking here.

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