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July 24, 2015

The Kitchen Debate Presages the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report

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Kitchen DebateOn this day in 1959, occurred one of the more iconic events of the Cold War, that being the Kitchen Debate between US Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. It was called ‘The Kitchen Debate’ because it occurred in a US exhibition in Moscow, showing casing American domestic scullery esthetics, in the form in the kitchen of a model home built in the exhibition, where the two men went at each other. Nixon suggested that Khrushchev’s constant threats of using nuclear missiles could lead to war, and he chided the Soviet for constantly interrupting him while he was speaking. Taking these words as a threat, Khrushchev warned of Nixon and America of “very bad consequences.” Perhaps feeling that the exchange had gone too far, the Soviet leader then noted that he simply wanted “peace with all other nations, especially America.” Nixon rather sheepishly stated that he had not “been a very good host.” Whether the world pulled back from the brink of war in this model home’s kitchen or not will never be known.

One thing that is known, however is that the recent podcasts, up on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report, continue to bring some of the most relevant and unique voices and issues to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and anti-corruption discussion. If you have never listened to any of my podcasts I would urge you to check them out on the website highlighted above or by going to iTunes and searching for the podcast name and subscribing. The price is certainly right, as all of the podcasts are available at no cost.

Some of my recent highlights are:

Episode 180-I discuss the recently announced FCPA Master Class training I will begin in September, detailing the highlights and the great course material you have come to expect from my blogsite, books, white papers, eBooks and other publications I put out.

Episode 179-Tim Peterson, a partner at Murphy and McGonigle, discusses the ever-growing FIFA bribery scandal and what it may mean for US companies. As a former SEC lawyer and current white collar practitioner, Tim brings a unique perspective to the ongoing discussion around the burgeoning affair. He explains its importance to both the US and international fight against corruption

Episode 178-Dr. Ben Locwin joined me to provide some of his unique insight into risk assessments. Ben is a true thought leader around business process and practices. He writes, speaks and consults extensively in this area, in the pharmaceutical industry. He has thought about and written extensively on risk assessments and he brings an interesting perspective to this discussion, outside of the traditional anti-corruption compliance practitioner approach.

Episode 177-tone in an organization. I explore how a compliance function can help to create and move an appropriate culture of compliance throughout a company. By creating a tone from the top, into the middle and down to the shop floor you can burn compliance into the very DNA of your organization. Learn how in this podcast.

Episode 176-Tim Treanor was the lead counsel for PetroTiger in its FCPA investigation and held the company to sustaining a Declination from the Department of Justice to prosecute the company. This Declination was recieved in the face of the company’s three top executives pleading guilty to FCPA violations. Tim has called this case one of the most significant corporate enforcement stories of the past several years. Tune in to this podcast to hear Tim explain how he achieved this result and why he deems it so important. Every CCO and compliance practitioner needs to listen to Tim’s recap of this matter.

Episode 175-well known lawyer and law firm consultant Debra Bruce visits with me about the dynamics of law firm funding outside the US and how she believes it will change not only the practice of law in the US but how it could well change the delivery of legal and compliance services going forward. Any lawyer in private practice or in-house needs to understand the dramatic changes that are occurring in the financing of law firms outside the US and how those changes will come to this country.

Episode 174-Compliance Week Managing Editor Matt Kelly returns to talk about the 5th anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act, what it got right and where there is room for improvement. He also discusses Uber and compliance in an interesting analysis of Uber’s conundrum with the California Labor Board over an employee.

Episode 173-Adam Turteltaub joins me to preview some of the upcoming SCCE Institutes and discusses the 2015 Compliance and Ethics Institute to be held October 4-7 in Las Vegas. Adam highlights some of the keynote speakers and unique opportunities for compliance practitioner to work, learn and commiserate together.

Episode 172-in a ‘must listen’ for any Chief Compliance Officer or compliance practitioner, Scott Killingsworth visits the podcast to discuss the recent SEC enforcement efforts against CCOs individually and what it may mean for compliance practitioners going forward. He reviews the underlying facts and how the enforcement actions appear to be different from the SEC’s stated position how and when CCO’s will be prosecuted.

The above list is but a short summary of some of my recent podcasts. The FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report is the only podcast dedicated to the FCPA, anti-corruption, compliance and ethics. The episodes are all under 30 minutes so they are easy listening on the commute to work, at the gym or even walking around the neighborhood. If you have not done so, you should go over and take a listen.

Finally a huge shout out to my friend and colleague the FCPA Professor on turning 6 today. He brings a unique and distinctive voice to the FCPA discussions.


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